The first annual Shoot LA event last weekend at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood was a huge success for Bron Imaging and Hasselblad. It was so popular that the line to get in stretched around the block, and crowds exceeded capacity within the first hour. At that point the fire marshall shut the doors and no one could go in or out for a couple of hours while the crowds thinned out. It was like trying to get into the hottest club in town. To keep everyone happy, the Bron/Hasselblad crew put together some impromptu lighting and shooting demos outside in the parking lots while people waited.



Meanwhile, inside the studio a series of seminars, workshops and live fashion demos were going on, covering many aspects of lighting, photography and the photo business. My workshop, “Lighting for Action”, was last on the schedule in Studio 1, and I was excited to see almost every seat filled. The crowd was really receptive as I went through the basics of incorporating strobes into action sports photography.


The highlight was the live action lighting demo I put on at the end with Norwegian pro skateboarder, Tom Erik Ryen. We were really lucky to find Tom at a local skate shop, and he did an amazing job in the small space we had to work with, jumping high over a wooden box while I snapped his image. Take a look:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a great event, and I want to thank Colin King and the people at Bron Imaging and Hasselblad for inviting me to speak. I look forward to doing it again soon.

— Scott

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